Between 1967 - 1994 over 70 animals were imported from Germany & Austria.  With Fleckvieh as base South African type Simmentalers have been bred.

Fertility is number one selection criteria by far.  We strive for middle of the road, good quality, excellent walking ability, strong eye lid pigmentation, "balanced breeding" EBV's: Acceptable birth masses, above average 200 & 400 day masses & average mature mass. Ease of calving has been obtained.  The milk EBV average to above average for the breed. 

Ultrasound scanning is done to measure carcass characteristics and obtain EBV's. 

"In the next 10 years DNA testing for certain traits (genomics) will become the most important selection criteria.  Weighing and measuring will still take place. Combined EBV's will be available. Visual appraisal will always stay important."  (Dr. R. Hunsley, 2008)

Animals with the polled factor are increasing steadily in our herd and Wisp-Will have bred 3 AI Simmentaler Bulls.


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►  New thinking in beef cattle breeding
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Wisp-Will Tiark P Gebruik self (WC1221 Poenskop)

Wisp-Will Sarik P
Sold for R 55 000

Sold for R 70 000


Sold for R 58 000

Typical Wisp-Will Heifers
►  Typical examples of Wisp-Will females:  

Wisp-Will Fiona
Calves in Canada & United States

Wisp-Will Nolene  - Gold Cup Winner
F.W de Klerk, Llewellyn Angus, Allistor Patterson & Martin Seyfferdt, famous judge


19th Stud Sale
06 August 2019

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BKB Breedplan Completeness of Performance Award
2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016

Winner of the 2017 ARC National Beef Cattle Improvement Herd of the Year Award
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Gareth Angus with the 1986 & 2012 Golden Book Awards given by the World Federation.

Llewellyn Angus' visit to Dubbo, Australia (April 2016)

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